Pinspiration: A Stream of Consciousness Sunday post

This past week has been filled with so much angst. All I wanted to do was sleep. Nothing seemed to get me out of this funk. I am pretty sure it had to do with the combinaton of Valentine’s Day and the fact of everyone seemed to be hearing back from their grad school programs. That is everyone, but me.  But I am way past all that now. And it can all be attributed to Pinterest.  Pinterest, you say? Why, yes. Pinterest saved me from spiraling into the darkness.

I spent the better half of Friday night going through the ‘Food’, ‘Photography’ and ‘Diy/Crafts’ tabs on the Pinterest website. I pinned a numerous amount of all sorts of things I want to create including a diy lightbox, a recipe for making your own jam, and some super cute animal bookends.

Through some weird fated way all of this sort of showed me what I want to do with this blog, where I want to go with my life, and how I want to go about doing it. I want to share my life and the things I love in hopes that someone will find inspiration in it all. I want to create something unique and interesting. Pinterest guided me to these people, these blogs and I can only hope that I can do half that with my blog. I mean that is the purpose of pin boards, right? To inspire.

So, until my next bout of angst – see you on Pinterest.

Does Pinterest inspire you? How? If not, where do you get your inspiration from?


Stream of Consciousness Sunday is weekly link up hosted by Fadra at All Things Fadra. The point is for 5 minutes each Sunday morning you just write what comes to you. The catch is that you can’t edit ANYTHING! It’s writing in its rawest form. The link up is prompt inspired, but they are optional.


5 thoughts on “Pinspiration: A Stream of Consciousness Sunday post

  1. Oh I LOVE Pinterest! It has been my saviour over the last year. When I was pregnant, we were house-sitting so I had all this pent-up nesting desire that I couldn’t unleash and then once our baby was born, we were living with first my parents, then my in-laws, then on our own for six months now back with my parents again…so yes, pinterest is my saving grace!

    I am totally re-pinning those bookends — I’m infatuated with elephants!!!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

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